Warnings System


GR programs download warning information for the entire nation. All statements pertaining to a warning are available by clicking on the warning outline in the radar display window or by right-clicking on the warning's entry in the Active Warnings Window.


Active Warnings Window

The Warnings window displays a list of all the active warnings across the nation:

The Type column shows the type of warning issued:

The State and County columns show the location of the warning. The Expires column shows when the warning is scheduled to end. GRS applications continuously monitor the warnings and subsequent special weather statements to keep this information up to date.

To automatically switch to the Nexrad site closest to a warning, double-click on it.

To view the text for a warning: right-click on it in the Warnings window or click on the warning outline in the radar display window.


Warning Text Window

The Warning Text window shows the complete history of a warning: the initial text and any subsequent Severe Weather Statements:

The text is continuously updated as new information about the warning is received.


Warning Settings dialog

Displays the Warning Settings dialog box:

Warning Server
Selects the warning server used. When the server is changed, all existing warning information is discarded and information is loaded from the new server.

Warning Lines
Sets the color and width of the lines used to draw the warning outlines. Click on the line sample button to change the line style.