Iconsheets in GR Programs

GR programs use several user-customizable iconsheets. Iconsheets must be in PNG format and can contain an alpha channel for transparency. You should never change the iconsheets included in your program's installation directory. You should create a separate directory on your computer's hard disk for your custom iconsheets.


How to Change Iconsheets

There are two ways to change an iconsheet in your GR program:


1. Select View->Icon Settings...

This displays the "Icon Settings" dialog box:

Select the iconsheet class via the combobox and then the iconsheet types appear in the listbox below. Select the iconsheet type of interest and its details appear on the right. Click the "Change" button to select a new iconsheet file or click "Use Default" to revert back to the default iconsheet.


2. Use drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer.

In order to use drag-and-drop, you need to use a specific filename format for your new iconsheet. The filename must end with the name of the default iconsheet you are replacing, including .png. For example, to replace the Lsr_Avalanche_Icon.png iconsheet via drag-and-drop, your new iconsheet should have a filename of the form "My_Lsr_Avalanche_Icon.png".