GREarth GOES Details

GREarth displays several sectors of GOES imagery. Three types of imagery are available in each sector: 1km visible, 4km Infrared, and 4km Water Vapor. Each image is downloaded from the GREarth server as multiresolution tiles in order to reduce bandwidth usage. For example, a single CONUS VIS image can be as large as 18MB and can update every 5 minutes; a prohibitive use of internet connection data transfer capabilities. Multiresolution tiling allows GREarth to download only those parts of the image that you are viewing.


East Conus View

The East Conus view extends from approximately 14 to 60 latitude and -123 to --49 longitude. This view updates at varying times depending on the satellite operation mode. In Routine mode, the update interval is 15 minutes. In Rapid Scan mode, updates are fast as every 5 minutes.



Puerto Rico View

The Puerto Rico view extends from 9 to 26 latitude and -77 to -58 longitude. As with the East CONUS view, the update interval depends on the satellite scanning mode.


East Tropical View

The East Tropical view extends from 0 to 36 latitude and -110 to -34 longitude. Unlike the other GOES-East views, the East Tropical view updates on a fixed, 30 minute interval at 15 and 45 minutes after the hour.


West Conus View

The West Conus view extends from 12 to 60 latitude and -152 to -91 longitude. As with the East Conus view, the West Conus view updates at varying intervals determined by the satellite scanning mode.


Hawaii View

The Hawaii view extends from 9 to 28 latitude and -167 to -145 longitude.