GREarth is a Windows viewer for real-time, worldwide weather data with a focus on the CONUS. Supported data types:

More details about these features are in the GREarth User Guide.


The GREarth system is comprised of two main pieces:

  1. GREarth Client Program. The GREarth client program is freely available in the Downloads section of this page.
  2. GREarth Data Feed. The GREarth data feed must be purchased from



Step 1: Install the GREarth Client program on your computer system with GREarth_3_setup.exe.

Step 2: Run the newly installed GREarth program. You won't see any real-time data but you will be able to verify that your computer hardware has the required features. See the Minimum System Requirements section below.

Step 3: Purchase a GREarth Data Feed from You will receive a ClientID via email after purchase that you set in GREarth in the File->Configure Polling dialog box.



New users must download and run the GREarth Setup program first. It contains the complete set of files required to run GREarth and initializes the file system and registry. After running the setup program you can run the GREarth Updater to bring your GREarth installation up to the latest version.



GREarth uses your graphics hardware more than most applications. It accesses the hardware through DirectX 9 and requires Shader Model 2.0 or higher support in the graphics hardware. The latest version of DirectX is available at Microsoft's website:

It's recommended that you download and install the latest drivers for your video card.


Minimum System Requirements